We proudly announce the creation of Neon 2020, a new independent and integrated communication agency, founded to offer a wide range of services starting from content development, production and media planning.

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Our approach always involves a full immersion into the creative mindset of those who conceived the film, and a deep understanding of the strategical goals. This allows us to create empathy and the conditions for achieving the best result for all of the client’s requirements, on a budget.

We developed personal expertise and network connections that allow Neon Production to face any kind of job, whether it's a large budget production or run&gun documentaries, seemlessly working with real people and actors or talents.

Since our founding we have employed state-of-the-art techniques to offer editing and post-production work that is fully integrated into the project, planning and shooting from its original inception. That's our little secret and it enables us to devote extraordinary personal attention to your projects and to involve directors, DOP, and FX specialists who best match with your communication objectives.




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